Friday, August 24, 2018

Favorite Finds Friday


It's Friday and finally the weekend!  I have a few Friday favorite finds to share!
The first thing I am loving right now is a new to me Bible study workbook, Seamless by Angie Smith. This is a seven week, daily homework format study. Each week has an accompanying video, that I honestly didn’t watch after the first one. They are an extra cost and really not needed for this study. I did this on my own and at my own pace, sometimes doing one or two “days” at a time. It is an awesome overview of the entire Bible and really helped me in my understanding of the Word.

While I am sharing a Bible study, I have to share my favorite Bible highlighters. They are perfect for the thin pages and do not bleed through. I use the Good Morning Girls Bible coloring chart so the colors are perfect. I’ll link the website, I like the ones called Bible Highlighter Set, and I just saw they are on sale today for $10. I make nothing from sharing, I just love them!

I am also loving binge watching New Girl on Netflix. I’m not sure how I missed this gem when it was on Fox, but I am in love with all the characters. I literally laugh out loud, sometimes so loud my family comes to see what’s up!

My new favorite food is a snack from Target, Archer Farms Handful of Everything, found in the nut section. It is dried fruit, almonds, coconut, chocolate and raisins. Yum!

Happy Friday!!!!