Monday, August 6, 2012

Quick Dinner

Quick Dinner...what's in the house?  You know how it is when you get home from milk. no bread, no produce.  What is for dinner?  My first thought was pizza delivery, but then I remembered we have been eating out for days.  
So after looking through the refrigerator and freezer I found a Philadelphia Cooking Creme.  I quickly thawed some chicken breasts (my favorite - Schwan's individually wrapped - 20 minutes in cold water and viola!)  and then marinated for a half hour in Light Italian dressing.  My husband grilled them up while I sautéed some steamed broccoli and some spinach.   I added the chicken (cubed) and the creme to the veggies.  Then mixed in some pasta.  Yum!  Even my 8 year old asked for seconds.

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